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Introducing CITY EATS, our newest and most delicious video series.

The City of New York is flush with amazing cuisine. We're here to eat as much of it as we can, gastrointestinal blowback be damned.

Arlo White, NBCSN's lead play-by-play man for the Premier League, is known to gnash on a food metaphor or two live on the air, particularly when Olivier Giroud's "meaty French forehead" is involved.

With camera in hand, we decided to get meaty ourselves.

Welcome to CITY EATS, the juiciest, most succulent video series ever devised by Hudson River Blue. Our goal? To find stuff that tastes good on the streets of New York, and then try to shove it in our face with one hand while the camera rolls in the other.

For episode #0001, we paid a visit to Fuku, a hip little chicken sandwich joint from the mind of Momofuku maestro David Chang. The East Village joint offers a simple menu, but does anything but disappoint.

Also, they only take credit cards. Only! Can you believe that?

* * *

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