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Donald Trump Impersonator Attends NYCFC vs DC United Match

Comedian J-L Cauvin as Donald Trump joins The Cooligans to watch a thriller in Yankee Stadium.

You wouldn’t expect presidential nominee Donald Trump to enjoy a soccer game in New York, but that’s exactly what he did last week. Donald Trump (J-L Cauvin) accepted our invite to come watch a match between NYCFC and DC United.

So you got us, it’s not actually Donald Trump, but it is comedian J-L Cauvin. J-L does one of the best Trump impressions in the business. Check out one of his recent videos as proof.

Trump delighted the fans at Yankee Stadium in all his Trumpness. Some fans also gave him a piece of their mind, but Trump never wavered. You would expect nothing less from soccer fans in NYC. It was a bold move to make an NYCFC a campaign stop, but we're not sure how effective it was to sway any voters. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

This is part 1 of The Donald at NYCFC. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you don’t miss the next Trump video. It’s going to be incredible. More hilarious interview clips plus Trump interacting with delightful NYCFC fans.

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