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The SPHERICAL Podcast: Nick Chavez of Soccer Newsday

IT'S A FRIDAY POD! We caught up with Nick to get the big picture on NYCFC, cosmic energies, and the difference between visions and visionz.

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Autumn Hutchins

It's the bees' knees. It's the cat's pajamas. It's like a relegation zone in your earphones.

It's the SPHERICAL Podcast.

Devotees will remember that Nick wasn't just a pundit on the original SPHERICAL story we told back in early 2015-- he was a crooner. How many analysts have a singing voice to match? I'll wait.



You can find Nick's work at Soccer Newsday, and all around the interwebz at such venues as Empire of Soccer and, hey! Right here at Hudson River Blue. Follow him on Twitter @NickChavezMLS.

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