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The SPHERICAL Podcast: Bombing scares in New York & New Jersey / Weekly NYCFC update

Sam and Calvin share the host's desk this week to discuss the frightening events in the region over the weekend, plus a rundown of Frank Lampard's injury, the race for a first-round playoff bye, and Khiry Shelton's rising star.

Autumn Hutchins

It happened during the early stages of the second half of New York City FC's thrilling comeback draw against first-place FC Dallas.

A terrorist asshole tried to kill people in our city.

At least 30 were hurt. But ultimately, this terrorist asshole failed-- nobody lost their lives.

Not a one.

We had to touch on this dark, dark topic on this week's edition of the SPHERICAL Podcast. Had to. But this episode of the show has a happy ending, we promise.

Plenty of City soccerings to cover, too: Frank Lampard's new calf injury (not the same muscle as before!), finding a new central attacking midfielder, the race for a first-round playoff bye, and the mystical abilities of Khiry Shelton are all on the docket today.

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