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New York City FC 4, Chicago Fire 1: Blues scream on ‘em, close in on playoffs

Good guys make it rain

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

This wasn't poetic justice. No; it was a far more badass and cool version of justice than that.

New York City FC ransacked the visiting Chicago Fire — who had their chances, and how — to the tune of four goals to one. David Villa hit his 18th and 19th goals of the year under the lights at Yankee Stadium, and the screaming duo of Khiry Shelton and Stiven Mendoza were fairly diamonds dancing.

The cracking result makes it seven straight games unbeaten at home for NYCFC. Six of those are wins.

With a bit of help tomorrow, Patrick Vieira’s team can clinch a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs in just their second time of asking.

For most teams, making the Dance isn't such a big deal. But this team?

It’s a big-ass deal. Remember how silly last season was? The one with a preponderance of Kwames and Neds?

Watching Mendoza announced in the starting XI in the ‘Lampard Spot’ (we love you, Phranq), we saw a bit of a fake-out. Tommy McNamara is always going to cut into a Number Ten’s space up the middle even if he lines up as an ostensible left winger, and Mendoza is so outrageously fleet that he may as well just sprint to the wide areas and just go.

Both Stevie and T-Mac were golden gods on the night. Let's draw attention to this thing that happened:




Stiven Mendoza just uncorked it, didn't he? But I want to do you one better: Khiry Shelton had three of the four NYCFC assists.

This team was out for blood.

‘Twas blood they drew.

* A shuffling of papers is heard *

Oh. And Jefferson Mena scored.

And the universe sighed its magical sigh.

This was the right time to bang out a smashing win in front of a pack of fans still learning how to hope. This was the right time to defenestrate the kind of team a contender ought to defenestrate.

This is the time for Jefferson Mena.

Jefferson Mena.