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The SPHERICAL Podcast: It's time for a really, really yuuuge announcement.

We're cooking up something hot 'n fresh like never before. Are you coming along for the ride?

Autumn Hutchins

Show of hands: who likes MLS-themed slam poetry?

Well, then.

Back in May, I got an email from a representative of the Chief Marketing Officer at Wix, the web development company that serves as a top-line sponsor of NYCFC, the New York Yankees, and Manchester City. The CMO wanted to hang out and drink coffee and talk about sports, which we did do.

That was the beginning of what is well on its way to being a unique and beautiful relationship between Wix and Hudson River Blue.

The reason I revived the SPHERICAL brand a couple weeks ago is to get us ready for the kind of grand rollout we've not ever experienced on the pages of our website. We're bringing the podcast to new heights. We're gonna book guests straight from the club, and perhaps far, far beyond. We'll be recording in a proper studio space at the Wix Lounge in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

We are so, so close to the big event-- so today we're giving you the official heads-up, plus a quick NYCFC update!

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