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MLS Fantasy GW 28: Dancing Through the DGWs

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I talked about a wildcard team. The good news is other than Robbie Keane, there's not a lot of injuries that would change that. But a lot of people saved their wildcard for this week so let's go over some players you might pick up this week you wouldn't have last week.


I mentioned Tarbell last week at $3.9 to get you through 31 and 32 but another option is Willis at 4.8. Willis will be the only keeper with a DGW in 32 (Howard will miss game 1 of COL's DGW with international duty). You might also want to look at either bush or Bendik who have DGWs this week and 31.


The DGWs favor Camara with two DGWs, but options like Glad, Rowe, and Campbell also are interesting. As always, go cheap here.


Piatti and Kaka are must haves with two DGWs. Javier Morales has been more consistent and should be in your lineup this week. I like Lletget as well as long as Gerrard is out, so he's good this week too. If you're wildcarding, consider stashing Alex from Houston. At 5.9 he's cheap enough to stash and he's been in the consistent 4-6 point range which is nice for a bench option.

You can hold off on picking up Lodeiro this week. No Dempsey and a match v. San Jose means his production isn't likely to eclipse the DGW mids, so you're safe waiting till next week to grab him. A single game week player i do like? Frank Lampard. I fully expect the Revs to blow off this match v the Pigeons in favor of resting for the Open Cup, so there could be some good opportunities for Lampard.


Not a lot of options I love, but a lot of options. Drogba is supposedly healthy, but I'm skeptical that he's coming back in a week and a half from a hamstring. Gerrard with the same injury was 2-3 weeks. Gio Dos Santos may also be good, but I'm so fearful of Bruce's rotation that I'm not sure I'd bring him in. With Larin out for Game 1, your other options lie in the Real Salt Lake Wheel of Destiny that is their forward corps. Plata is the most consistent of the bunch, but Yura and Martinez have been scoring regularly enough to justify an argument in their favor. Drogba's probably your best ceiling, with Plata the more consistent option with Yura and GDS as high risk/high reward punts.

Good luck!