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Sean Okoli is wearing the #9 jersey for NYCFC

Last year’s USL MVP is the second player to wear the number for the Boys in Blue.

As far as kit numbers go, the nine is arguably the most iconic. The number nine means Ronaldo. Batistuta. Mia Fucking Hamm. You know, the kind of scoring onslaughts that leave opponents praying for the sweet release of death.

Last year, Stiven Mendoza donned the famous shirt for New York City FC. This time around, it’s newcomer Sean Okoli that will join the consecrated global fraternity. Take a look at the above video at the 0:15 mark.

The former FC Cincinnati man, who claimed both the MVP and the Golden Boot in the last USL campaign, has been tapped for a strong debut in the MLS ranks. "Ugo" looks to enter the season as a quality backup option to David Villa in formations with a lone striker, and could feature as a traditional number nine holdup man if Patrick Vieira opts for a setup that allows for Villa’s penchant for drifting wide to the left.

Vieira has called Okoli "a talented striker who we believe has an exciting future in the game." Claudio Reyna said he was "certainly a player with a promising future."

Well! That’s that, then.

It’s nearly Ugo time in the Five Boroughs. Can ya feel it?

h/t NYCFC via YoTube