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Where do NYCFC players come from?

With the season coming to an end, will the team head to a particular region to scout?

During this international break, New York City FC don’t play any games. So, I was thinking about the club, and I was curious to see if they have a certain region they like to sign players from. Many coaches in MLS have a certain region that they know, and like to sign players from there, because most MLS teams don’t have very extensive scouting networks. Usually, the region is favored was because they coached/played there, and has contacts there. For example, Gregg Berhalter likes to sign Scandinavian players, while Tata Martino likes to sign South Americans. However, after looking at the data, NYCFC don’t have a particular place they like to sign players from.

Country of Origin

Where NYCFC Players Come From
Where NYCFC Players Come From

Illustrated by the graphs, most of NYCFC’s players come from North America. Outside of North America, NYCFC have a heavy European and Latin American influence. This trend, however, isn’t very significant because those are such large regions and so many players come from those areas. One interesting detail from these graphs is that NYCFC have never signed anyone from Asia or Oceania, and only have signed one player from Africa. (Kwadwo Poku) Clearly, City Football Group’s vast scouting network means that NYCFC don’t have to rely on contacts in a certain region, but it is puzzling why certain areas have been ignored.

League of Origin

Once again, most of NYCFC’s former players previously played in the US. Also, not as many NYCFC players actually played in the Premier League as it seems, because only one player Frank Lampard, actually played minutes in that league. The rest were participating in youth leagues for PL clubs. (Yangel Herrera and Jack Harrison will probably play for a PL club in the future though) The second graph illustrates how NYCFC have spread their signings across a multitude of leagues.

Final Thoughts

NYCFC don’t really have a preference for league or country of origin. They have made some good signings, and some bad, but clearly their strategy of signing players from everywhere is working. They need to keep up their strong signings in a crucial offseason with several spots to fill.

What do you think? Where will NYCFC’s next signing come from? Comment below.