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NYCFC to play October 22nd home game at Citi Field

Another scheduling conflict with the surging Yankees forces the Bronx Blues to finish their season elsewhere.

Chicago Cubs v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

New York City FC announced today that they will be playing their October 22nd home game against Columbus Crew SC at Citi Field in Queens due to the New York Yankees rallying against the Cleveland Indians and securing a spot in the ALCS to face off with the Houston Astros.

After two seasons of virtually no issues whatsoever, this will be the second time during the 2017 MLS season that NYCFC is forced to vacate Yankee Stadium, their current home stadium, due to a scheduling conflict with its primary tenants. The first of such instances happened back in August when the team announced that they would be playing their September 23rd home game in Hartford, Connecticut, over 100 miles away from their South Bronx home.

So long as the Yankees continue to chew up the MLB playoff scenery, game relocations for New York City are only going to become more frequent in the coming seasons until they are able to procure their own stadium. Despite being their last game of the regular season, NYCFC could be forced to play elsewhere once again if they should they fall to third place in the Eastern Conference and have to play in the MLS playoff knockout rounds, which are to take place on October 25th and October 26th, both of which would be played during the thick of the World Series. Should the Yankees continue to surprise onlookers and make it past the Astros, this is not just a possibility; it’s a certainty.

Since “Hartfordgate”, NYCFC execs have been more forthcoming with information regarding their search for a stadium within the overcrowded borders of the Five Burroughs. Club President Jon Patricof told supporters that the team was considering locations in Queens and the Bronx to build their soccer cathedral. NYC has also reportedly bid on property in Belmont Park, though this development has been universally panned by fans and acknowledged by Patricof to be a worst-case scenario of sorts for the team.

For now, all City fans can do is keep their fingers crossed and hope that this instance is the last of its kind.

You know, wishful thinking and all that jazz.