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Yaya Toure not destined for New York City FC this winter

The Manchester City midfielder’s agent says Toure isn’t going anywhere (for now).

Manchester City v Feyenoord - UEFA Champions League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

For what feels like ages now, rumors have swirled surrounding a potential transfer that would send Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure to sister club New York City FC sometime in 2018. We have already spoke about our concerns with such a move, but it nonetheless remains a hot topic in the the five boroughs.

Alas, one of the involved parties spoke out and confirmed that the move is not happening. At least not right now, anyway.

Toure’s agent Dimitry Seluk — a man not really known for his subtlety — took to Twitter on Wednesday, and said that Toure will finish the remainder of his contract with Manchester City (a one year deal which he signed following the 2016-17 Premier League season).

This, however, doesn’t rule out the move entirely. Jeff Rueter — a contributor to both The Guardian and ESPN FC — seemed to imply a few weeks ago that Toure moving to the Bronx could potentially happen during the summer transfer window, which overlaps the MLS season and follows the conclusion of most European leagues’ seasons.

Whether a Toure transfer is waiting in the wings or not, it has become apparent that the Ivorian box-to-box legend will not be in the Big Apple come January. This bodes well for all those — myself included — who would much prefer NYCFC to pursue a more youthful Designated Player this off-season.