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Miguel Camargo is wearing the #99 jersey for NYCFC


If one single number nine means you’re a goalscorer, two nines means you’re some kind of inconceivable golden god. Think Galactus, Cthulu, the Yellow King, Quailman, etc.

Oh, and Tony Taylor! Though ol’ Tony T wasn’t brought back for a third year with the Bronx Blues, one man has risen to claim the number-99 mantle: Miguel Camargo. Go ahead: skip ahead to the 0:58 mark in the video that opens this article.

The 23 year old Camargo, a full Panama international, is an attacking midfielder on the rise. He’s also comfortable playing out wide, and scored a goal against eventual champions Chile in last year’s Copa America Centenario. With Frank Lampard out of the picture, he’ll have every chance to impress up the middle over the course of his one-year loan from parent club Chorrillo FC.

"I feel good being a part of this club and I will work really hard. This will be a very important part of my experience and my career," Camargo said upon his arrival in the Five Boroughs.

Well. Ya know what, kid? We feel good, too. And them there double nines look awful nice.

h/t NYCFC via YouTube