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Report: Manchester City’s Yangel Herrera will join NYCFC within the next week

Looks like the 19 year old midfielder just needs to finish up some paperwork. Come on down!

You followed transfer deadline day in Europe. You heard the transatlantic rumblings. You witnessed the tantalizing YouTube highlight videos.

Now, the young midfield ace that couldn’t get a work permit in England appears to be all but on his way to the Five Boroughs. Yes! According to Venezuelan outfit Conexión Goleadora, newly-minted Manchester City man Yangel Herrera is coming to New York City FC on what is presumed to be a loan deal, and he's said to be on his way sooner rather than later.

Like, reallyREALLY soon.

Let’s be honest, New York City’s front office can produce international player slots faster than GOB Bluth can produce pennies from heaven. As Herrera finishes up all the relevant visa and work permit paperwork in his native Venezuela — and as Claudio Reyna & Co. quite possibly inch toward securing the services of Argentine attacking man Maximiliano Moralez — we have only one thing to say:

We are quite really pleased about this.

Manchester City doesn’t sign busters, hooples, or chumps. Let’s establish that straight away. So, while we have but a limited dossier on Herrera, it just may be appropriate to allow ourselves to get carried away dreaming about a raw, athletic midfielder who likes to play the ball from the deep-lying areas, yet possesses the toughness to cover at center back if necessary, so sayeth Transfermarkt.

Hmm. Why-oh-why might Patrick Vieira take interest in a player like that?

Herrera’s reported arrival comes at a time in which the Bronx Blues are still-fucking-somehow-STILL without a true number-six defensive midfielder, all due respect to Alexander Ring’s box-to-box ruggedness and hushed, apocryphal whispers of Maxime Chanot sliding forward. While Herrera doesn’t project to be another Osvaldo Alonso, he provides an enticing option in the deep midfield, the kind of guy that can make things happen when he’s on the ball and take some heat off of Andrea Pirlo when he isn’t.

We still believe that NYCFC’s third designated player will be a defensive midfielder. We really, really do. But one more tough dude on the roster amid an offseason highlighted by attacking players only helps the cause for the good guys in 2017.

We may have a look at this kid as soon as Saturday, when New York City takes on Houston at the Desert Diamond Cup in Tucson, Arizona. But even if all the relevant documents aren’t signed-sealed-delivered in time for a weekend debut, one thing is certain: there’s more and more reason all the time to get excited about NYCFC’s third iteration.