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WATCH LIVE: New York City FC vs. Colorado Rapids (7pm ET)

The Boys in Blue are back for more preseason action in Tucson.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

On the heals of two straight friendly losses at Arizona’s Desert Diamond Cup, NYCFC may be calling on some new faces tonight to help get things trending in the proper direction. If Alexander Ring and Rodney Wallace make their preseason debuts tonight — all due respect to teenage wunderkind !!!JAMES SANDS!!! — we may be witnessing two more reasons to feel hopeful for the 2017 campaign.

While no television options are available for the match, MLS is carrying the proceedings over their YouTube channel. But why bother clicking all the way over to another page when you can watch the video RIGHT HERE???

Folks, Major League Soccer’s regular season kicks off in scarcely a week, with the Bronx Blues’ opening jaunt in Orlando coming up in eleven days. Your team needs to look coherent tonight. They need to somehow, some way shore things up at the back. The 5’3” Maxi Moralez needs to figure out how to stay on his feet against tough challenges. Tonight is a serious test as to whether Patrick Vieira’s boys are rounding a corner or stuck in the weeds.

New York City FC vs. Colorado Rapids
Friendly -- Desert Diamond Cup
Wednesday, February 22, 7:00pm ET
Kino North Stadium, Tucson, Arizona