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It’s official— the 2017 NYCFC home jersey is here

Go stimulate the economy!

Yeah, I know. You already knew what the thing was gonna look like. But let’s take a beat to properly appreciate everything that’s going on with New York City FC’s home kit for 2017.

Are you ready for those navy blue shorts? I mean, damn! That might be the buried lede here. Eat your heart out, Mancunians— we’re putting sky blue on navy AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

So much to love about this hot fire. The NYC flag on the tail. The accented sleeves and collar. The fact that it doubles as a magic carpet. The list goes on like a cascade of sexy.

Seriously, we’re switched-on. check out the Maestro being way too cool in them there digs:

Pirlo’s head isn’t in the clouds, though. He still cares abut the little ones. Prepare for the most bizarrely adorable thing you’ve ever seen:


Now... hurry up and revert to adulthood and go buy a shirt.