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Vieira: “Matter of time” before David Villa signs contract extension with NYCFC

The NYC boss is optimistic regarding El Capitan’s future in the Big Apple

MLS: MVP Press Conference Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Capping off what had been an eventful and insightful Media Day on Thursday, New York City manager Patrick Vieira assured fans in an interview with that negotiations with striker/captain David Villa regarding extending his current contract are going well, implying that the Spanish forward is likely to return to the Five Boroughs in 2018.

The French gaffer had the following to say about the ongoing negotiations with El Guaje:

David wants to sign. We want to keep him. It’s easy. We don’t want him to go anywhere, his family is really happy – it’s an easy situation. All the parts want to go together so it’s just a matter of time. Leave the time to the time.

In an earlier press conference held with fellow DP Andrea Pirlo, Villa spoke cryptically about his future with the club following season’s end, saying that in the sport of football, “you never know.”

Throughout his first two years with the club, Villa has been an invaluable asset to New York City, and is undoubtedly their most esteemed contributor. In 63 appearances, the inaugural NYC captain has scored 41 goals and was the winner of the 2016 MLS MVP award, adding to the World Cup champion’s slew of individual and team-based accolades.

Even at the ripe age of 35, there’s no denying that Villa still has more to offer New York City FC not just as a player, but as a leader as well. And considering Patrick Vieira’s openness in bringing El Capitan back for one last season, I think it’s something we should all be hoping for.