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SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT Week 1 Results: Chicken Bucket Matrimony

The photos are in, and we have an inaugural winner!

We’re saying yes.
Bryce Sorem

The inaugural edition of the SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT was a warm, breaded, and crispy success. As if it weren’t enough that our fair New York City FC fired four hadoukens right into DC United’s net, we received even more creative, spirited, hilarious submissions for this little match day photo contest of ours than we had initially anticipated.

For reference, here were the five challenges for Sunday’s game:

  • A fan wearing the jersey of a player who no longer plays for NYCFC, with at least one person giving a salute beside them. Bonus points for a Mix shirt. Points deducted for Lampard.
  • Hoisting a Yankee Stadium chicken bucket like it’s the MLS Cup. We will accept something more creative/original than this, just remember to feature the bucket.
  • A national flag from a country that is NOT a member of CONCACAF. Someone in the photo must be dabbing (that is, “dabbin”) while standing on one foot.
  • You and a friend with a member of Securitas. One of you needs to do bunny ears behind their head.
  • Hugging an away supporter.

Well, folks, you made your way up to the Bronx and got after it. Many thanks to all those who participated this week. BUT THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE WINNER.

Meet Bryce Sorem, representing Third Rail New Jersey. Bow down to him, for he stands supreme among the masses with these fantastic cuts.

First, a pair of salutes to two former NYCFC luminaries:

Not only did our winner find an Adam Nemec shirt, he also gets bonus points for the Mix jersey, as noted in the rules.

Moving on, let’s see that flag:

Finland! Someone really, really loves Alex Ring. We do, too. (You’ll notice that there is neither dabbin’ NOR dabbing in this photo, but we really only included that bit to ensure the photo couldn’t have been re-used from an earlier date. Points awarded.)

Moving on, show us a Securitas employee with some bunny ears!

Full marks.

How about some diplomacy? Those traveling DC fans definitely needed some comfort after what David Villa & Co. did to their team out there:

Awwww. Adorable.

Finally, the best photo ever taken by a person. Forget hoisting a chicken bucket like the MLS Cup... this is Bucket Matrimony:

It was over after we saw this one. This week’s competition was done and dusted. This dazzling riff of deep-fried photographic nirvana is why we created the Soccer Specific Scavenger Hunt in the first place.

We promised to give each weekly champion a chance to promote the cause of their choice, and Mr. Bryce Sorem has chosen his supporters group chapter, Third Rail New Jersey. Big shout to TRNJ! You know what we like about those letters? They’re awfully close to RTJ, and we saw Run the Jewels a couple weeks ago at Terminal 5, and they were doooooope.

Bryce is also a chef. This is an important detail— his endorsement of chicken buckets is anything but tacit. We’re talking about a paladin on an epicurean crusade here. Real doth recognize real.

Do you have what it takes to join Bryce on top of the supporters mountain? Stay tuned for the second edition of the SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT later this week!