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WATCH: NYCFC fans celebrating after Sunday’s 4-0 win over DC United

Bring in the noise, bring in the smoke

MLS: D.C. United at New York City FC Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

After a long offseason—actually, to be be fair, it’s kinda short— the Yankee Stadium supporters section was once again buzzing Sunday. Such a big win, however, cannot be contained within the simple confines of 1 E 161st Street.

Freezing fingers and toes be damned, this looks like midseason form! A guy even got cuffed and escorted away by the cops after getting caught setting off a smoke canister. He seemed OK.

What you do NOT see in this video is any ridiculous riffraff involving law enforcement, fans getting harassed, maced, or beaten, or rival factions casting politicized aspersions at one another. You don’t hear any racial slurs or see any vandalism. Yes, it’s funny how different things feel after just one week.

As a powerful, uniting force, the #ComeOnNewYork chant is less than a year old, but for this merry lot of ours, it’s better than any performance-enhancing drug. What a joy to be able to whip it out in a big way to celebrate such a smashing win so early on in the year.

May it continue.

May you continue.

See ya next weekend.