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In this new (and strange) interview, Mix Diskerud doesn’t sound like a player you’d want to sign

Dood, wut?

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What is happening here? What is this life?

And who is Mix Diskerud? We’re seriously asking because we seriously don’t know.

On Wednesday, Bob Williams of the British Telegraph released a candid chat with the bought-out former NYCFC operator, currently “on loan” with Sweden’s IFK Göteborg. And it’s really odd. In fact, we’re not sure what to think about it, except for one thing:

Mix Diskerud — in this interview, anyway — doesn’t sound like a player that any championship-minded team should even remotely consider signing. And we feel absolutely awful saying this.

But really, you’ve got to read this thing for yourself.

Here’s a sample:

Q How do you feel you did personally at the weekend? How many weeks short of full match fitness do you think you are?

A It all depends on the match. Physically I'm fit. But who trusts a guy that has been prevented from even making the bench in half a year, to go straight in to battle - a battle that could have lasted 90+30?


Q Was another move in the US an option for you?

A Yes and no.


Q What were the parting words from Patrick Vieira and Claudio Reyna before you went on loan?

A "OK".


Q Did you watch the NYCFC game at the weekend?

A Yes.

Q Do you think you still have a future at New York City?

A Yes.

Dude. Where to even begin with this?

We ought to come out as unequivocally as we possibly can and make it utterly clear that every one of us at Hudson River Blue wants Mix not just to succeed, but to kick ass. To score brilliant kung-fu goals like he did in that USMNT friendly against Germany. To totally rip it like he did in the first-ever New York City FC match down in Orlando two years ago. To be in the right place at the right time, to lay out for that perfect tackle, and to run himself ragged only to find a second wind and a third. But as it stands, the player just doesn’t sound like he’s in the right frame of mind to compete unfettered.

He certainly doesn’t sound like a man who’s accepted his fate here in the City of New York, where there is simply no conceivable way forward for the guy.

The Mix Saga may never truly be over. At 26, he ought to be just now entering the top of his athletic prime. It may very well be that his turn in the Allsvenskan is out-and-out panacea for his flagging career. It may very well be that a spurt of strong performances is all it takes to get himself back in the fold with the US National Team. But we’re just not convinced right now.

We wish we were.