Which Boy in Blue Most Impressed You Last Week?

I am having a bit of downtime here as my work week comes to a close and I wanted to see how everyone felt watching last weeks game and who surprised and impressed you the most in last weeks match against DC. For me, that player was one of our hot new signings: Alexander Ring (it sounds a little weird saying Alex Ring, something about not enough consonants...).

I was raised on the idea that if you work hard, good things will roll your way. Alex Ring's family must have shared a similar sentiment because that boy WORKS. Having a foot in almost every play, he was a force in the midfield on that tight Yankee Stadium pitch. A perfect compliment to the iconic play-maker, Andrea Pirlo, Ring impressed me over and over again with his effective tackling and wonderful link up play going forward. Ring, taking on Iraola's position from last year, seemed more a fit for that role that the Spaniard ever did, at least in my eyes. Acknowledge that this was just one game in a looong season but given the eye test and what I've heard in interviews, the Fin is a the real deal and may just end up being that missing piece for a Viera squad that struggled mightily last year on the defensive front that has already looked calm and controlled through most of 180 minutes of play.

I'm interested in the people's idea of the squads performance from last week. Of course the team will look marvelous in a 4-0 thumping, but there are always those stand outs that catch you off guard or maybe we just haven't had enough exposure to their playing.


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