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NYCFC v Montreal Vlog: Live from inside Yankee Stadium

The freezing cold wasn’t going to stop these fans from cheering on the boys in blue

I was about ready to walk out of my house when my wife stops me to ask, “Aren’t you going to put on a warmer jacket?” To which I reply, “Of course not! The magic of the stadium (and Guinness) shall keep this super-fan warm!”

Fast forward to the 70th minute of the match, my pants are soaked through and my sweatshirt is lined with a substantial layer of ice that is triggering my slow descent into hypothermia. Each gust of wind feels as if hundreds of Montreal daggers are trying to penetrate my blue soul. My wife instinctively sends me a text asking me how I feel.

I didn’t answer.

Much to the anticipation of (probably) millions, we present the first of many videos live from inside Yankee Stadium. Hopefully the next one will have less red beard action and more atmosphere. Hey, zooming is hard! Ah well, lesson learned.

Montreal Impact came into New York City FC’s hunting grounds and played possum for 68 minutes until Dominic Oduro broke through City’s defense and splashed the net. It was a strange match to witness. Fans waited with heavy anticipation as the expectation for a second goal kept mounting. There was no shortage of opportunities for the boys in blue to put the final screws to Montreal. The opening twenty minutes of the match saw two of the most memorable missed chances, that would later come to haunt NY.

David Villa won the ball on the edge of the box and gifted a pass towards Jack Harrison who could have easily picked any target to give NYCFC the lead. However, fate or nerves got the best of the young Englishman and the chance sailed into the second tier stands.

“I think I got a little too excited when I saw the net,” Harrison said. “I’ll be looking back to kind of maintain my composure in front of the net and find ways to put the ball in the back of the net. That was an important part of the game and I know I should have scored.”

A few minutes later, Finnish newcomer Alex Ring replicated the same exact blunder. This time it would be Harrison to gift a netter to Ring, and in his best Jackie impression, sailed the ball over the net.

Ring and Harrison wouldn’t be the only two to muff clear chances. Maxi Moralez, with just the keeper to beat after some stellar build up play, missed the goal about a foot wide to the right. It was the theme of the day as many of the players struggled to find their touch. Thankfully, in the 44th minute Rodney Wallace sniffed out a goal after Ring’s shot was deflected by Impact keeper, Evan Bush.

Perhaps the weather played a role in today’s draw. The winds took turns carrying bits of hail and snow, pelleting fans and players with unfamiliar MLS weather. It certainly had an affect on attendance. Days leading up to the match saw an increase in ticket availability on ticket exchange as well as half-off pricing promotions on

Clinical finishing aside, the match was certainly high paced and entertaining. While the result was fair, NYCFC did walk away with 62% possession and dominated much of the first half. The boys in the Bronx combined for 18 shots in total but could only muster one shot on goal in the second half.

New York will look to shrug this one off and get ready to welcome San Jose Earthquakes on April 1st, where we will also be to bring you live reactions from the field. We’ll see you there!

Man of the Match

Reluctantly, I have to give it to Rodney Wallace. The Costa Rican international is quickly reestablishing himself in Major League Soccer as Wallace now has two goals and an assist in three matches. Get it.


Hands down this goes out to the stewards at Yankee stadium. Instead of yelling out cries of “GET YOUR BUD HERE”, they were giving out hot chocolate. Good on you, lads.


I give the Montreal Impact fans credit for coming down to New York for the match. But if you’re going to take your shirts off and cheer, at least step out from the safety of the roofed awning. Nestled in their warm and covered confines, the Impact fans cheered on their team, who more than likely had no idea where the support was coming from.

Surprise of the Day

McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Potential new recipe in play... I’ll let you know what I find out.