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NYCFC 1-1 Montreal: Post-game comments from Patrick Vieira, Ethan White, Rodney Wallace

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It was a cold day. It should have been a hot result.

Consider possession. Consider the changes, and consider the sitters. (Looking at you, Jack and Maxi.)

On balance, it was a frustrating day that could have gone worse and should have gone better. In fact, a squad still working twelve new faces into its rotation may well be lucky to have displayed what appears to be a reasonable, manageable learning curve through three games. And hey, if Rodney Wallace (that is, “Ruthless Rodney”) wants to score in every single game, he may be in for his second MLS Cup in due time.

There’s plenty to glean from Saturday’s 1-1 draw against the Impact. Let’s start with what the gaffer’s post-match thoughts:

Moving on, let’s visit Ethan White, who made his second straight appearance at right fullback in the narrow confines of Yankee Stadium:

Finally, let’s hear what Ruthless Rodney had to say: