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SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT Week 2 Results: International Incidents

Cold day. Hot photos. Who reigned supreme in this week’s competition?

Yes, that is a chicken bucket keg-stand.
Andre Tessier

The SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT is really starting to catch on. Really, given that Saturday’s weather in the Five Boroughs was fairly approaching “let’s all get pneumonia” territory, we’re amazed that even ONE human being was able to complete all of this week’s photo challenges.

But of course, we received numerous compelling responses, including another strong turn from a member of Third Rail New Jersey, whose very own Bryce Sorem won our inaugural competition last week. But this time around, another NYCFC supporters group gets the glory...

To review, here were this week’s five photo challenges:

  • One or more Canadian citizens displaying their passports (or any government-issued IDs). Just the outside passport cover is fine. Bonus points for each additional Canadian.
  • All four different NYCFC jerseys. Replica vs. authentic doesn’t matter. Just get all four in the frame.
  • Two people each balancing an open beverage on their heads.
  • You performing a ‘hadouken’ like Ryu from Street Fighter, and a friend getting “hit” by it. A police car must be somewhere in the frame. For reference, hadoukens look like this.
  • A chicken bucket keg-stand. This means whatever you think it means, and how you do it is up to you.

Well, we tabulated all the entries, and we found our winner: Mr. Andre Tessier of the famous Hearts of Oak. Congratulations, Andre!

Let’s check out the winning submissions. First, show me some passports!

Very nice. Bonus points for including one additional Canadian. Bonus points matter, folks!

Moving on— let’s see all four of the official New York City FC jerseys to date:

Aces! Full disclosure: aside from Mr. Tessier, who is an institution in and of himself in NYC soccer circles, I know some of those human beings featured above. I promise, however, that none of them attempted to skew the competition in any untoward manner — like by buying me a beer because I lost my wallet on St. Patrick’s Day — because, in fact, at least one of them participated in this week’s competition.

Next, let’s see some bevvies on some heads and shit:

The gent on the left gets points off for using his hand. We’re serious. It does satisfy the enumerated requirements, however. As for the guy on the right, we have zero criticisms, and would wager to say that he’s even got the rugged features of an action star. Just saying.

Now, let’s get to the really sexy part. Show me some hot Street Fighter hadouken action:

This is OK. Again, it satisfies the rules. I dig that the required cop car is right in the middle of Ryu and Ken here.



We promised to give all our winners the option to have us promote the organization or cause of their choice, and Andre chose his supporters group, Hearts of Oak. Named for Alexander Hamilton’s Revolution-era militia, you can find the Oakies doing the #FOIYNNYC chant on match days at Bronx Drafthouse on Gerard Avenue. Two weeks ago, the group launched a newsletter/literary magazine, The Corsican. Check it out, won’t you?

Stay tuned for the third SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT ahead of New York City FC’s April 1st home game against San Jose!

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Remember when we said that one of the gents pictured above was also a participant in this week’s competition? Yes, he didn’t win. But he did submit the best hadouken photo we could have possibly received. Check it out:

Massive honorable mention props to @michaeljbenham and @GDAECFSC for this one. We are all greater Americans for having seen it.