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It’s time to vote for the inaugural NYCFC RUTHLESSNESS POWER RANKINGS

Throughout the season, we’ll be calling on you to assemble a pecking order of soccering ferocity. It starts right now.

Shoulda put a Ring on it.
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

After New York City FC’s opening weekend loss to Orlando City, gaffer Patrick Vieira bemoaned the fact that his team created enough chances to snatch the points, but simply lacked ruthlessness in front of goal to get the job done. In a way, we solemnly agree. But we’re also compelled to respectfully assert that there are many ways to be ruthless that have nothing at all to do with the attacking third.

To wit: throughout the season, we want to keep a running tally of the most ruthless operators NYCFC has to offer. We’re talking about all forms of ruthlessness, from opportunistic goals to bruising tackles to psychological mind games, plus every brutally demoralizing thing in between.

Since the Boys in Blue are off this weekend, there’s no better time to start. Take stock of these first three games AND CAST YOUR VOTE BY CLICKING THIS SENTENCE RIGHT HERE YES THIS ONE.

You’ll notice on this Google Form that you’re required to rank at least five players, but if you want to go as high as ten, feel free! We appreciate your contribution to what we hope to develop into a sterling institution here at Hudson River Blue.

Stay frosty out there. And if you vote for Mix...

Bonus points.

SO MANY bonus points.