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The NYCFC Ruthlessness Power Rankings: Episode One

We voted. You voted. Who reigns supreme as the most ruthless of the Boys in Blue?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Since the beginning of Patrick Vieira’s tenure at the helm of New York City FC, the gaffer has routinely pointed to a lack of ruthlessness whenever the Boys in Blue couldn’t manage a quality result. In particular, Vieira implores a sense of ruthlessness in front of goal.

We thought long and hard about that, and realized not only that there are more ways to be ruthless than simply finishing off chances in the danger zone, but that numerous NYCFC players — especially the new faces for 2017 — truly exemplify a ruthless spectrum.

Whether it’s Rodney Wallace pouncing on a rebound or a bouncing betty in the box, Alex Ring teleporting around the pitch in search of new bodies to destroy, or Maxi Moralez breaking his opponents’ spirits through sheer industriousness, there’s more than enough ruthlessness to celebrate this year in the Five Boroughs.

So we asked you to vote. The staff here at Hudson River Blue chimed in, too. Players were ranked 1 through 10, with a 1st place vote worth 10 points, a 2nd place vote worth 9 points, etc. Voters were required to rank a minimum of 5 players, but no more than 10.

And now, for the first time but certainly not the last, we give you the up-to-the-minute NYCFC RUTHLESSNESS POWER RANKINGS.

#1 David Villa: 54 points

El Guaje received the most 1st place votes, appearing at the top of three out of six ballots.

#2 Alexander Ring: 50 points

Close call! The Ringmaster was the only player besides Villa to receive multiple first-place votes.

#3 Maxime Chanot: 35 points

Mad Max joins our top two picks as the only guys to appear on all six ballots.

#4 Rodney Wallace: 34 points

You might have predicted this bad, bad man to finish higher in our vote. We’ll do another one soon. We promise.

#5 Jack Harrison: 22 points

The Bolton Brawler is the lowest-ranking player to received a 2nd place vote.

#6 Tommy McNamara: 18 points

On pure reputation ALONE! Forget about playing time; give it up to Mac the Knife.

#7 Maxi Moralez: 14 points

Frasquito edges out his closest competition on a tiebreaker showdown of best ballots: he notched one 4th place tally, while our #8 topped out with a 5th.

#8 Sean Johnson: 14 points

Wait until he saves two penalties against Atlanta on the way to a 5-0 romper. He’ll shoot right to the top of the list.

#9 Alexander Callens: 13 points

Is it the hair?

#10 Sean Okoli: 6 points

We asked about Ugo, and you answered.


RANK Calvin Daniel Charles Dunst Sam Dunn Jake Gofman Christian Smith HRB Fan Vote
RANK Calvin Daniel Charles Dunst Sam Dunn Jake Gofman Christian Smith HRB Fan Vote
1st Villa Ring Villa McNamara Ring Villa
2nd Harrison Ring Ring Chanot Villa Wallace
3rd Wallace Chanot Wallace Villa Wallace Ring
4th Ring Villa Harrison Callens Chanot Moralez
5th Matarrita McNamara Matarrita Ring Johnson Harrison
6th Moralez Callens BEN SWEAT Chanot
7th Okoli Johnson BEN SWEAT Johnson
8th Chanot Chanot BEN SWEAT Matarrita
9th McNamara Moralez BEN SWEAT Okoli
10th Shelton BEN SWEAT Callens

NOTES: Charles’s second vote for Ring, while badass, was not counted in the official tally, nor were Jake’s four additional votes for BEN SWEAT IN ALL CAPS. Definitely cool, though.

Well? How did we do?