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This Saturday in the South Bronx, you could be a winner! But hey, you probably won’t win.


Folks, the SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT (#SSSH) was supposed to be an underground thing. A just-between-us thing. But of course, after just two weeks of competition, we’re basically already sellouts.

Yes— last week, put us in their weekly “what’s trending” column. At this point, that means Jon Patricof and probably f—ing Robert De Niro will be among the jockeying participants this Saturday in the Bronx. Hell, Chris Wondolowski will likely be snapping photos during the game. You know HE’S heard about us at this point. I mean, come on. This is happening way too fast.

As always, contestants must satisfy FIVE PHOTO CHALLENGES in and around Yankee Stadium. Bonus points will be provided for genuine feats of creativity, and if you fake any of these in Photoshop, we’ll give you props if the work is brilliant/cheeky/woke enough. Now, on to this week’s challenges:

  • Debbie Harrison. Points off if it’s your mom. Someone in the photo must be doing finger-guns. If you can’t find her—she’s often in the supporters section—just get somebody’s mom in there.
  • You high-fiving a relatively small child. Bonus points for whoever finds the smallest one, BUT BE GENTLE.
  • Making it rain something other than money. Be original. If you make it rain a bunch of those Supreme-branded MetroCards, you win. Bonus points for every pair of Timberlands in view.
  • The Last Supper, NYCFC style. This means whatever you think it means. Use Da Vinci’s painting for reference, but a table is not required. Bonus points for each chicken bucket in view.
  • Moonwalking into either Dugout, Stan’s, Billy’s, Yankee Tavern, or Bronx Drafthouse. Michael Jackson supported NYCFC. Bonus points for all five locations.

Happy hunting! If you have any questions about this week’s challenges, feel free to contact us through any number of means.

The winner will be handsomely rewarded.


Submit your entries within 24 hours of Saturday’s final whistle.

If you follow HRB on Twitter and like us on Facebook, feel free to send your photos via private message, as bonus points will be awarded for doing so. Alternatively, you can send them to me via email: samxdunn [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Every photo must be taken in the South Bronx within walking distance of Yankee Stadium.
  • Weekly winners will be selected based on who satisfied every challenge in the most creative manner. Bonus points points matter in case of a virtual tie.
  • Don’t break the law, but definitely have fun.

See you this Saturday, fambly!