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Win a ticket to this Sunday’s NYCFC home opener vs. DC United!


William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

OK. Listen. I don’t want you to take this little promotion to mean that we’re somehow rolling in dough, and that free stuff from Hudson River Blue is going to start being a thing, like, all the time. We write about MLS; we’re not making Joakim Noah money over here.

That said, we’re giving away a ticket to this weekend’s New York City FC home opener against FC United of DC. Or whatever they’re called.

Want to go to the game on us? Here’s how.

  • Send me evidence via email or Facebook message or Twitter DM — screenshots would be easy enough — proving that you follow HRB on Twitter and on Facebook. (My email address is samxdunn [at] gmail [dot] com)
  • Tell us why you love Mikey Lopez.
  • Tell us when and why you became a fan of NYCFC.

Yes! It’s that easy.

Pertinent questions

Q: Wait, what day is the game?

A: March 12th. It’s soon. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:00pm ET. You know where Yankee Stadium is, right?

Q: If I win, where will I actually be sitting?

A: Section 209, Row 8. You’ll be behind the corner flag in “right field.” GET IT? BECAUSE IT’S A BASEBALL STADIUM!

Q: How will the winner be selected?

A: We will chose at random from the pool of all fully-qualified entries.

Q: I always forget, what was the name of the villain from Happy Gilmore?

A: Duh, it’s Shooter McGavin.

So, do you have what it takes to win free stuff from us? Only one way to find out.

See you on Sunday, you crazy cats.