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WATCH: David Villa’s wonder goal vs. Philadelphia (English & Spanish commentary)


Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Ever seen a man drop the mic from 53 yards? Last night in Chester, we were all witnesses.

Yes, reigning MVP David Villa doesn’t have many mountaintops left to reach. But for all his dominance since donning the famous Etihad shirt, it’s hard to conceive of a single moment that encapsulates the rarity of his brilliance quite like the magical 90th-minute riff that outclassed Andre Blake and bewitched all our hearts in unison.

Oh! But wait— have you heard the Spanish commentary on ESPN Deportes?

“WHOOOP! GOLAZO!” You heard that right.

This was a moment so explosive, bombastic, and altogether magisterial that many of us who weren’t able to make it to Talen Energy Stadium for the game will one day tell the tale as if we had. The incredulity fairly washes over with every subsequent replay of this snippet of soccering witchcraft— after the ball slipped past an uncharacteristically hapless Blake, Villa himself appeared a bit iffy as to whether or not The Thing had really happened.

But happen it did. And no matter what happens the rest of the year — or throughout the remainder of NYCFC eternity — we’ll always have the Chip of the Gods. Peace, love, and Guaje, amen.