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2017 MLS SALARIES: For NYCFC, the right guys are getting paid this year. Mostly.

Behold! Numbers!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There are good contracts and there are bad contracts. And then there’s Mix Diskerud’s deal, which is not as much a contract as an albatross around the neck of every person that’s ever worn sky blue, whether or not they’ve even heard of NYCFC.

But you already knew that. Today, we’re here to parse through every contract currently on the books with New York City FC. (Luckily, while Ol’ Mixy is still getting paid by City Football Group, that super-sized salary won’t count against the cap this year.) Let’s see what we can learn:

Ok, then!


  • Andrea Pirlo @ $5,915,690: Our objection has nothing to do with the dollar amount. It’s simply the fact that Pirlo is taking up an utterly precious DP spot, and at full fitness hasn’t played a full 90 minutes for five weeks due to tactical reasons. In the context of MLS, that hurts.
  • Frederic Brillant @ $319,666: He’s strong and he’s good in the air. But in this league, that’s just too much skrilla for a guy who isn’t going to play much.
  • Jefferson Mena @ $261,400: Yes, he’s on loan in Ecuador, with host club Barcelona SC picking up (presumably) some portion of Mena’s 2017 wage. And yes, he’s probably on his way out the door here before too long. But that’s a bad cap number considering that President Jefferson is rather often a super-athletic deer in the headlights when wearing the famous Etihad shirt.


  • Tommy McNamara @ $185,000: Pay the man. Just pay him.
  • Alexander Callens @ 180,000: It’s a relatively small sample size, but Callens showed up in the Five Boroughs ready to rumble. He’s everything Mena was supposed to be and wasn’t. He may end up being a cornerstone of NYCFC’s defense for as many years as he wants.
  • Mikey Lopez @ $75,000: From the jump, it was clear that Patrick Vieira looked on Mikey with some real favor. He’s tough, he’s got a motor, and he started in the playoffs. He’s a steal at this price.
  • Ethan White @ $65,000: Anyone who starts games and plays competently at this low a cap number is quite really smart money, period.
  • Sean Okoli @ $52,999: More than a few MLS teams wanted Ugo’s services after the year he had down in USL. This contract is a big, big win for everyone at the club except the player himself, but that’s for another column.


  • Ronald Matarrita @ $175,000: He’ll be making eight to ten times that within two years (once he goes to Europe, which he will). Just enjoy him while he’s here with us.
  • Jack Harrison @ $165,000: Are you serious??? Based on production and upside, this almost qualifies as exploited labor. And for New York City, it’s singularly beautiful.

So, do any of these stand out to you? Let us know what you think!