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SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT Week 3 Results: God’s GIF to Humanity

Or, “Chicken Bucket Transubstantiation”

A New York City FC Last Supper, amen.

Here’s to another smashing weekend of photo-hunting! It must be said that the third edition of the SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT benefited from two key factors: (1) Saturday’s mediocre weather was an improvement over the wintry hellpocalypses of the DC and Montreal home games, and (2) the Boys and Blue staged a comebackTOMMY MAC BABY YEEEAAAAHHHH MY DUDE

***Merry sports shrieking is heard, followed by static***

To review, this week’s five photo challenges were as follows:

  • Debbie Harrison. Points off if it’s your mom. Someone in the photo must be doing finger-guns. If you can’t find her—she’s often in the supporters section—just get somebody’s mom in there.
  • You high-fiving a relatively small child. Bonus points for whoever finds the smallest one, BUT BE GENTLE.
  • Making it rain something other than money. Be original. If you make it rain a bunch of those Supreme-branded MetroCards, you win. Bonus points for every pair of Timberlands in view.
  • The Last Supper, NYCFC style. This means whatever you think it means. Use Da Vinci’s painting for reference, but a table is not required. Bonus points for each chicken bucket in view.
  • Moonwalking into either Dugout, Stan’s, Billy’s, Yankee Tavern, or Bronx Drafthouse. Michael Jackson supported NYCFC. Bonus points for all five locations.

Well, folks, we tabulated this week’s entries and have found our winner: Danny Chediak, representing Third Rail New Jersey. CONGRATULATIONS— YOU ARE LORD COMMANDER OF NYCFC FANS UNTIL (AT LEAST) APRIL 23RD.

Danny has been a prolific participant in the #SSSH since its grand inception, and his victory marks the second for a TRNJ member. Let’s see how he managed to forge a winning path, beginning with the Five Boroughs’ #1 mom, Debbie Harrison:

OK, so maybe Debbie wasn’t at the game. But our man’s got GIFs! Holy shit. This warms my heart, and shall serve as a shot across the bow for future competitors. We award bonus points for creativity— consider this a bonus blast of “Tommy Mac’s sexy left foot” quality. But let’s put out an APB on Mama Harrison. She is PRECIOUS CARGO, people.

How about a high five with America’s future?

Did the kid ask about the Heineken scarf?

Now, then— let’s make it RAIN:

SCENES! In the parlance of Patrick Vieira, First of His Name, we are quite really pleased with this. Another GIF, another fat stack of Rick Ross Special Edition bonus points.

So, is there a Last Supper to be found?

We’ve got drama, depth, a bucket, and what appears to be a delicious leg of something. Full marks. Transubstantiation never tasted so good.

Finally, let’s see some moonwalking:

Quick and easy. Get in, get out, high five a tiny human, boom.

Give it up for Danny, and for the stately institution that is Third Rail New Jersey.

We always give our winners a chance to shout out the cause or organization of their choice. Today, we’re once again trumpeting the merits of TRNJ. Clearly there are Jerseyites with soccer tastes that are actually quite really good. This week’s victory marks a second in three tries for the Garden State branch of the largest New York City FC supporters group, and perhaps not even close to the last. Want to learn more about the TRNJ squad? Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for the next edition of the SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT ahead of April 23rd’s home showdown with Orlando City!