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NYCFC wasn’t the only winner on Sunday.

The SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT was back in action over the weekend in tip-top form. Think Alex Ring, but with a taste for McDonald’s rather than other people’s blood.

To recap, this round’s five challenges were as follows:

  • Do something unexpected with a sandwich/burger from the McDonalds on River Avenue. Bonus points for McGriddles.
  • Doing finger-guns next to at least one human wearing apparel for a sports team that doesn’t play soccer. Bonus points for each additional human.
  • Recreate “American Gothic,” NYCFC style. That’s the painting of the farmer with a pitchfork and his wife. Or just recreate any iconic painting. We don’t actually care.
  • Lining up for a free kick. Make sure there’s a wall, too.
  • Arguing with an Atlanta fan as if you were Stephen A. Smith.

Well, folks, you stared fate in the face and took what’s yours. And when the fog of war had finally cleared, we came to a singular, unavoidable conclusion: this week’s champion is Mr. Deron Jenkins.

The first member of the NYC12 supporters group to take top honors in our famous old contest, Deron threaded the needle most admirably on his glorious path to victory. Let’s check out the winning photos, beginning with some fast food action:

Intriguing! How about a fan rocking some non-NYCFC gear, perhaps unsure about where he or she is?

Big shouts. Now, on to some American Gothic!


Got a free kick in ya?

Better not send it right into that wall. I mean, who knows what gets thrown out at the Dugout on River Avenue? We’re afraid to find out.

Finally, let’s finish off with some Stephen A. Smith-grade hot takery!

Golden. James Dolan probably felt that one somehow.

Take a victory lap, Deron! In our minds, you’ve more than earned free McGriddles for life. (We’ll talk to our guy about this— stay tuned.)

We always give our champions an opportunity to plug the cause or organization of their choice, and Mr. Jenkins has chosen his supporters group, NYC12. Recently shouted out on, the group can be found holding court in section 235 at Yankee Stadium. To learn about their story, charity efforts, and typical match days, check out or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s competition! We’ll be back with another round of the SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT ahead of NYCFC’s Wednesday night showdown with New England on May 31st!