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Vote Sean Johnson for MLS Save of the Week

You know what you have to do.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It was one of those bend-don’t-break kinda games. And in a different year, FC Dallas might have hit 3 or 4. But on Sunday evening in Frisco, New York City FC became just the second team in 2017 to take a road point against the defending Open Cup and Supporters Shield winners.

It took no shortage of heroics from Sean Johnson to will that point into reality.

For all his exploits on the day — Mother’s Day, no less — SeanJohn is one of five nominees for Major League Soccer’s Save of the Week honors. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR YOUR GUY.

We’ll never pass up an opportunity to show love for NYCFC’s netminder. But it must be said that there’s an unavoidable problem with this week’s vote : Johnson was only nominated once. I mean, hey, remember this one?

We’re waiting for a correction and an apology from Major League Soccer. But until that happens, you know what you have to do.