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New York City FC vs. Atlanta United time, TV schedule, radio, & streaming

Boogie Downs vs. Trap Lords

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

South Bronx, the South South Bronx...
I came with Scott La Rock to express one thing
I am a teacher and others are kings
If that's the title they earn, well it's well deserved, but
Without a crown, see, I still burn
You settle for a pebble not a stone like a rebel
KRS-One is the holder of a boulder, money folder
You want a fresh style let me show ya
Now way back in the days when hip-hop began
With Coke LaRock, Kool Herc, and then Bam
Beat boys ran to the latest jam
But when it got shot up they went home and said "Damn,
There's got to be a better way to hear our music every day
B-boys getting blown away but coming outside anyway"
They tried again outside in Cedar Park
Power from a street light made the place dark
But yo, they didn't care, they turned it out
I know a few understand what I'm talking about
Remember Bronx River, rolling thick
With Kool DJ Red Alert and Chuck Chillout on the mix...


New York City FC vs. Atlanta United FC
Sunday, May 28th, 5:00pm ET
Bobby Dodd Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

WATCH on ESPN (English) & ESPN Deportes (Spanish)

LISTEN on WFAN 660AM (English) & WQBU 92.7FM (Spanish). All radio streams are available at

STREAM on WatchESPN & ESPN app

NYCFC vs. Atlanta United Preview

New York City FC's road trip rolls on to Atlanta this Sunday. Get hyped!

Posted by Hudson River Blue on Friday, May 26, 2017