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You have what it takes to be this week’s champion. You really do.

Just say yes.
Bryce Sorem

The return of the SOCCER SPECIFIC SCAVENGER HUNT after a two-month break was always going to be big. Wednesday night against Toronto, we realized just how big it really was.

Folks, due to unprecedented circumstances, we’re here to announce that Wednesday night’s triumphant return and the five photo challenges that came with it HAVE BEEN HELD OVER INTO SATURDAY FOR ANOTHER RAPTUROUS GO-ROUND.

We want this to be the most drop-dead-sexy iteration of the #SSSH to date, which is where you come in. To recap, here are the five challenges for this round of the competition:

  • Someone striking a model pose wearing Third Rail Mitchell & Ness gear. This person should be surrounded by eager paparazzi.
  • One of the following NYCFC jerseys: Johnson, Chanot, Ring, Wallace, Diskerud. Someone in frame needs to be giving a thumbs-up.
  • Signing an autograph for a fan.
  • Smelling a Toronto Chicago fan’s fart and reacting accordingly. Just make it look correct. We don’t care how. Bonus if the fart is actually real, but you’ll have to prove it... somehow...
  • Holding up a Canadian passport non-New York/New Jersey/Connecticut ID like its Excalibur.

Happy hunting! If you have any questions about this week’s challenges, feel free to contact us through any number of means.

The winner will be handsomely rewarded.


Submit your entries within 24 hours of Wednesday’s final whistle.

If you follow HRB on Twitter and like us on Facebook, feel free to send your photos via private message, as bonus points will be awarded for doing so. Alternatively, you can send them to me via email: samxdunn [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Every photo must be taken in the South Bronx within walking distance of Yankee Stadium.
  • Weekly winners will be selected based on who satisfied every challenge in the most creative manner. Bonus points points matter in case of a virtual tie.
  • Don’t break the law, but definitely have fun.

See you on Saturday, homies!