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David Villa’s volleyed strike vs. Chicago nominated for MLS Goal of the Week

A pretty crunchy assist by Jonathan Lewis, too.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Give it up to your man, who balanced a trigonometric equation to score his fourteenth goal of the season for New York City FC on Saturday vs. Chicago.

Even if David Villa doesn’t win MLS Goal of the Week this time around, he and Jonathan Lewis (whose assist was every bit as spicy as the finish) deserve, I dunno, some free Chipotle at least.

El Guaje’s smashing performance keyed NYCFC to a spirited 2-1 victory despite playing a man down for the vast majority of the game, and leapfrogged him past Sebastian Giovinco into his rightful first-place spot in the Audi Player Index rankings. This is good news in itself, as the Audi Index, while flawed, is fully-automated and not subject to any sketchy payola or fame-driven bias.

There’s just one problem we have with it: if Villa ends the year on top, there will be one fewer mountain left for him to climb.

As for this week’s mountain— Goal of the Week may be more of a hill, but let’s do our best to keep celebrating the captain’s weekend heroics for as long as we can, yeah?