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20 things I’m thinking about NYCFC vs. Toronto

It’s Saturday. Daydream with me.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Tommy McNamara is gonna do something surprising.
  2. The referee gods owe NYCFC some favorable-yet-incorrect calls.
  3. I’m worried that Sebastian Giovinco has gone too long without scoring against the Boys in Blue...
  4. And yet, I’m more afraid of Victor Vazquez right now.
  5. Yangel Herrera should show up wearing a fake mustache, Bobby Valentine style, as the front office announces the signing of “Angel Barrera.”
  6. Hot Take of the Day: “O Canada” isn’t a terrible song, but it’s overrated.
  7. America’s national anthem should be “Despacito” until further notice.
  8. TFC has never beaten New York City in the regular season, but it doesn’t feel that way.
  9. Frederic Brillant (“Trill Brill”) will score in every game he starts for the rest of the year: remember where you heard that first.
  10. It’s about time for another Jack Harrison brace.
  11. Nobody is asking whether Toronto will be able to soldier on without Benoit Cheyrou.
  12. Khiry Shelton will never start another game for NYCFC.
  13. Why isn’t Toronto’s mascot BMO from Adventure Time?
  14. If New York City is losing at the half, Patrick Vieira should get himself ejected— the Blues have a perfect record when managed by top assistant Christian Lattanzio.
  15. Playing against Jason Hernandez won’t feel right.
  16. I think Jozy Altidore hates NYCFC fans more than vice-versa, try as he might.
  17. How long before the front office has to start swatting away transfer offers for Alex Ring?
  18. If Toronto steals another one late, their mental edge over New York City will be undeniable.
  19. If NYCFC loses but turns around and beats the Red Bulls next weekend, all will suddenly feel right with the world again.
  20. Just enjoy it while it’s happening.