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Forbes: At $275 million, New York City FC is 4th most valuable MLS franchise

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LA, Seattle, and Toronto top this year’s list

Hudson River Blue

New York City FC are worth an estimated $275 million, the second-best mark in the Eastern Conference and number four overall in MLS, according to Forbes. (For reference, the league’s two lowest-valued teams, Columbus Crew SC and the Colorado Rapids, are worth just $265 million combined.)

Last year’s ranking placed NYCFC third overall at $255 million.

The average MLS side, based on 2016 financial data, is worth $223 million, a 20% increase over the previous year’s numbers. While $100 million expansion fee that City Football Group paid for the franchise still feels like part of a Ponzi scheme, it has turned out to be a keen investment: 20,000 season ticket holders, a legendary captain as reigning league MVP, and enviable merchandise sales figures can’t be wrong.

At $315 million, LA Galaxy have usurped the top spot on Forbes’ list from the Seattle Sounders, who tuck in at number two ($295 million). The rival New Jersey Red Bulls sit eighth at $245 million, the fourth-best mark among Eastern Conference teams.

Check out the full list, which we (not Forbes) have broken into tiers:

The 1% of the 1%

  • LA Galaxy — $315M — $63M revenue
  • Seattle Sounders — $295M — $53M revenue
  • Toronto FC — $280M — $46M revenue

The Bourgeoisie

The Upwardly Mobile

For Diehards Only

Time for a Re-brand

  • Real Salt Lake — $155M — $21M revenue
  • Vancouver Whitecaps — $150M — $20M revenue
  • Colorado Rapids — $135M — $19M revenue
  • Columbus Crew — $130M — $26M revenue