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Vote Sean Johnson for Save of the Week or life is unfair


MLS: New York City FC at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There was one bright spot for New York City FC in Saturday’s 1-0 home defeat against Portland: the man between the sticks.

Sean Johnson came up gangbusters on more than one occasion for the shorthanded Boys in Blue as they searched, with increasing desperation, for the goal that would propel them back into the game.

With things feeling dire in the 84th minute, Johnson issued his weekly reminder that he is not Josh Saunders:



You’d think that such heroics, despite being on the shit end of the scoreline when the final whistle blew, would justify a tidy consolation prize in the form of MLS Save of the Week honors, if not a Key to the City.

You’d think.

As it stands, SeanJohn sits in a distant third place in the current Save of the Week contest with just 15% of the tallies.

Luckily, you have the power as an NYCFC fan to right this wrong once and for all by making some noise for your man! Voting goes through tomorrow, September 14th. You know what you have to do.