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HRB Prediction Table: Will Our Picks Finally Come to Fruition vs. Colorado?

We were so off the mark last week that we called on the Village People for help. Seriously.

MLS: Portland Timbers at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Last game was terrible for the writers at Hudson River Blue. Not only did NYCFC lose, but also because of their terrible showing Andrea Pirlo’s mistake, our writers failed miserably. Based on the staff predicting a sound New York City victory, not a Portland 1-0 win, only two writers picked up more than zero points. Overall, a week to forget at HRB. A quick refresher, a point is earned by getting the final score, outcome of the game, NYCFC Man of the Match, or first scorer correct.

Check out everyone’s picks from the game:


Writer First Scorer NYCFC MOTM Outcome Score Points
Writer First Scorer NYCFC MOTM Outcome Score Points
Christian S Jack Harrison Yangel Herrera NYCFC 3-1 0
Jay S Maxi Moralez Jack Harrison NYCFC 2-0 0
Charles D Jonathan Lewis Yangel Herrera NYCFC 2-0 0
Calvin D Maxi Moralez Frederic Brillant NYCFC 2-1 0
Sam D Diego Valeri Jack Harrison NYCFC 3-1 1
Jason K Jonathan Lewis Maxi Moralez NYCFC 2-0 0
Noah SP Jack Harrison Alex Ring NYCFC 3-0 0
Raf R Diego Valeri Jack Harrison NYCFC 2-1 1
Mike L Jack Harrison Maxi Moralez NYCFC 2-1 0

Now, here is the scoreboard (featuring yours truly in last place):


Writer NYCvSKC NYCvPOR Total
Writer NYCvSKC NYCvPOR Total
Christian S 2 0 2
Jay S 1 0 1
Charles D 1 0 1
Calvin D 3 0 3
Sam D 0 1 1
Jason K 1 0 1
Noah SP 0 0 0
Raf R 1 1
Mike L 0 0

For NYCFC’s next game, they go west where the skies are blue, and where it is really hard to play sports due to the altitude.

The game against the Colorado Rapids kicks off at 9PM EST. Tactics. Opposition Analysis. Photoshop. We’ve got you covered.

Can you handle our upcoming picks? Plot twist: everyone has NYCFC winning.


Writer First Scorer NYCFC MOTM Outcome Score
Writer First Scorer NYCFC MOTM Outcome Score
Christian S Tommy McNamara Ben Sweat NYCFC 2-0
Jay S Jack Harrison Maxi Moralez NYCFC 2-0
Charles D Rodney Wallace Maxi Moralez NYCFC 2-0
Calvin D Jack Harrison Frédéric Brillant NYCFC 2-1
Sam D Maxi Moralez Sean Johnson NYCFC 1-0
Jason K Jack Harrison Maxi Moralez NYCFC 3-0
Noah SP David Villa Jack Harrison NYCFC 2-0
Raf R Tommy McNamara Tommy McNamara NYCFC 2-0
Mike L Rodney Wallace Tommy McNamara NYCFC 3-0
Jake G Frederic Brillant Frédéric Brillant NYCFC 1-0

Want to join in the fun? Are you secretly a huge, huge Village People fan? Comment your first scorer, NYCFC MOTM, outcome, and the score below. Can you beat the soccer “geniuses” of Hudson River Blue?