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A Letter to Our Readers

The times are a-changin’ at Hudson River Blue.

Hudson River Blue


Being a part of Hudson River Blue since before it properly appeared on the pages of SB Nation at the beginning of December 2014 has been an uncommon pleasure. Watching us grow from a scrappy upstart into the talented community of fan voices we are today has been an experience I wouldn’t trade for any damn thing.

I’ve got a feeling that things will only keep getting better around here because I’ve seen our product — and the slick operators who craft it — evolve firsthand. But my last day as managing editor of this glorious little website is approaching. In light of new opportunities, I’ll be stepping down in two weeks.

This is a decision I have made not despite how much I’ve loved this job for the better part of two years, but rather because.

It all started with the Blogfather.

A good friend of mine told me about a Facebook blast he saw announcing a call for eager talents to join a new site on SB Nation covering New York City FC. Already a season ticket holder with a habit of publishing Deeply Irreverent Sports Things (DISTs) in dank, seldom-seen corners of the internet, I decided to reach out.

A few days later, on November 13th, 2014, I met Rafael Noboa y Rivera in Manhattan at the official unveiling of the inaugural NYCFC primary kit. He was wearing an FC St. Pauli hat. Next thing I knew, he was introducing me as his colleague to Brian Lewis of the New York Post. His colleague! After a trip around the corner for a few laughs and a gigantic cup of McDonald’s coffee — one dollar for ANY SIZE, mafckas!!! — I was suddenly Raf’s deputy editor.

At the time, I knew nothing about MLS, its teams, or its players. Zero. But the Blogfather gave me the OK, and that was that.

And here we are, the 20-something of us with a byline on Hudson River Blue, all because of Raf, the friendly neighborhood panda.

(With enough luck, though I’m poised to pass on the same torch he once passed to me, I’ll still be around to give my two cents on NYCFC here and there, just as he has. Because it would be too damn hard to up and quit this thing straight away.)

Nobody else does what we do. First of all, there aren’t very many dedicated NYCFC outlets that have stuck it out from the beginning. And among those who have been around, I can say with uncharacteristically sober confidence that, while we’ve never pretended to be a leader in breaking news reporting and we’ve never mined for sources inside the club, we have steadily provided coverage of a particular depth and breadth that nobody else can match, from features to stat-crunching to fan venting to satire to scalding-hawt takes. We’ve published almost 1,500 articles. We got that sexy blue checkmark on Twitter. Our YouTube channel, shot nearly entirely on an iPhone, has been viewed for over 112,000 minutes— that’s eleven weeks’ worth of minutes, people!

And the best part is that we’ve only begun.

Right this minute, I don’t exactly know who will be at the top of the Hudson River Blue masthead when I step down in the dying hours of October 3rd. But I have the fullest of full faith that whoever does take the reins as managing editor will infuse this joint with the kind of merrily kinetic energy that will take the brand to new heights.

You all, as our faithful readers, deserve not a single shred less. Because we’re all here because of you. Every last one of us.

With your blessing, we’ll stick around a while longer.

Warmest bangarangs,