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NYCFC FIFA 18 ratings revealed


Today’s the day.

Well, yesterday was the day. But with EA Sports FIFA 18 still a week away from its feverishly-anticipated launch, we’re rather elated to suddenly have so much to chew on:

Behold this year’s official New York City FC player ratings!

(All screen captures courtesy of





A few thoughts here:

  • Looks like Maxi Moralez’s primary position has been switched from CAM to CM. Viva Enganche!
  • Damn, Alex Ring is good at everything.
  • Andrea Pirlo is rated 14 points higher than Yangel Herrera? That’s almost 20% better, which is so, so wrong.
  • We can’t get Alexander Callens more than a 57 in pace? HAVE YOU WATCHED THIS GENTLEMAN, EA SPORTS?
  • David Villa’s rating is higher than it was when NYCFC was first added to the games almost three years ago.
  • Ben Sweat is the greatest bronze player of all time.

Did EA Sports mostly get it right? Are they out of their minds? Aren’t you really just gonna buy the game anyway? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.