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David Villa implores NYCFC fans to make the trip to East Hartford

“It is hard for us as well, believe me,” the captain said in a social media post.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

David Villa wants you to join him in Connecticut Saturday.

Yes, this weekend marks the Historic Home Opener of East Hartford City FC first time NYCFC will play an ostensible home contest outside the city and state it was born to serve. As the captain posted on social media:


I know it is hard for everyone to travel out there.

It is hard for us as well, believe me.

Challenges and obstacles.

Is this a rallying cry, or a plea based on the fact that nobody seems to want to make the trip out to Pratt & Whitney Stadium for a fake home game? Let’s consider the evidence.

And not for nothing: did you get a robocall yesterday from the club gently reminding that #tickets are #definitely still #available for #purchase #today?

This isn’t just a funny little detour, folks. Sure, have a laugh if it helps you get through the day, but this is a club that needs to be oozing confidence in the run up to the playoffs. There’s very little margin for error right now for NYCFC. You want to make CONCACAF Champions League automatically, don’t you? You want to enter the playoffs as the clear-cut top challenger to Toronto, don’t you?

Well, if things go limp Saturday because the Boys in Blue have zero crowd atmosphere to feed off, you may be looking at a team destined to finish behind Chicago and the expansion team down south that kills for fun. And Sporting KC besides.

In other words, if the good guys can’t get back on track, you can up and forget about Toronto.

So, when I read David Villa’s carefully-worded appeal, I strain to find that wellspring of confidence that sustains the kind of cavalry charge that NYCFC fans are pining for. It sounds more like resignation. The type that’s adjacent to panic.

No, there’s no need to panic yet. Your team still has the second-best record in MLS, and the reigning league MVP and Golden Boot leader is back to a clean bill of health.

But consider getting ready to break that glass in case of emergency. Just sayin’.