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NYCFC vs. Portland Timbers: 10 Things I’m Thinking About Right Now

Daydream with me.

“That Pirlo you like is going to come back in style.”
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Is David Villa really “questionable”? Today’s injury report feels like the club is letting us off easy.
  2. Let’s keep asking about Ugo. Yeah, Sean Okoli’s game needs a lot of work. But NYCFC fans should take a page from Patrick Vieira’s book and keep encouraging him. If he couldn’t play, he wouldn’t.
  3. The fact that Portland is coming off nearly two weeks’ rest gives them ZERO advantage in this game. The cross-country travel stands to affect them more.
  4. I’m kinda itching to see what Andraz Struna can do.
  5. Andrea Pirlo played well against Sporting KC. He shouldn’t start this one. SKC struggles like mad to score goals. Portland doesn’t have that problem. You can bet that Diego Valeri is itching to school the Maestro with some And-1 Mixtape moves. Vieira can’t let that happen.
  6. How can a dude as tiny as Maxi Moralez get that many yellow cards?
  7. Forget the injuries and just be confident. NYCFC proved yet again Wednesday that they can win even when things aren’t going their way. Last year, that would have been an agonizing 0-0 draw.
  8. Start saying goodbye to Khiry Shelton now. Just sayin’.
  9. At some point, Jack Harrison needs a rest. Adding that to the fact that Vieira felt the Bolton Brawler struggled on Wednesday despite nailing the game-winner, don’t be surprised if Rodney Wallace and Jonathan Lewis start on the wing against Rip City.
  10. It’s OK to think about the Supporters’ Shield.