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New York City FC draft recap: Rounds 1 and 2

A goalkeeper in the first round? Who would have thought.

NCAA SOCCER: SEP 11 Virginia at Duke Photo by Andy Mead/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Before we examine New York City FC’s draft picks, here is what the depth chart looked like beforehand:

Clearly, with the new center forward signing, NYCFC are pretty deep at every position. So they are drafting for.... depth? USL team (lol)? Trade bait?

With all that in mind, Claudio Reyna surprised fans by returning to his alma mater, Virginia, and picking goalkeeper Jeff Caldwell in the first round. Caldwell had a great combine, and figures to compete with Brad Stuver and Andre Rawls for the backup keeper spot. His UVA production was impressive, with Ives Galarcep calling him the “top-rated goalkeeper in the draft.” Most importantly, he is able to pass, so he should have no trouble fitting into NYCFC’s system.

For their second pick, NYCFC went with AJ Paterson from Wright State University. Paterson played midfield in college, but projects as a D/M in MLS. He adds to the depth at center back, outside back, and defensive midfield. In his final season at WSU, Paterson scored seven goals; he notched 15 goals and added seven assists over his collegiate career. Wright may seem like an unknown, but he was worth a flier in the second round.

After today’s three additions, NYCFC still have four open roster spots. These can be filled by their three remaining draft picks (Arthur Bosua/Andre Morrison anyone?), more international signings, and/or Ben Sweat-esque camp invites. (*cough cough* Marc Pelosi *cough cough*) Still, it looks like most of their roster has been filled out, they just need players for their USL team. Oh wait...

What do you think about NYCFC’s picks so far? Who should they take in rounds 3 and 4? Leave your thoughts below!