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NYCFC’s season finale moved to YES2

We’re second to the the Nets, too. Apparently.

MLS: New England Revolution at New York City FC Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Are we even surprised at this point?

New York City FC has been about as good as a pre-2017 expansion team in the past few months. On top of the team’s lackluster performances, fans have had to put up with playing second fiddle to the New York Yankees — the primary tenant of their eponymous stadium in which NYCFC also call home — when it comes to scheduling. As such is the coverage on YES Network; if the Yankees have a game that overlaps, or flat out clashes with that of the Bronx Blues, you best believe the latter is getting bumped over to YES2 (YES’s secondary/backup channel) or, even worse, the Fox Sports GO app.

Since the Yanks’ season is officially 100% over and their use of Yankee Stadium and the YES Network is no longer in conflict (for now), fans of New York City such as myself thought that days like this would be a thing of the past. At least, until next season.

Oh boy, were we wrong.

As it turns out, NYCFC aren’t only at the mercy of the Bronx Bombers when it comes to television coverage. They are also slaves to the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, who also call the Yankee’s Entertainment & Sports Network home.

Check out what our former Hudson River Blue editor Sam Dunn had to say about it on Twitter. It is literally a perfect description.

Despite the 2018-19 NBA season being only a handful amount of games in, the powers-that-be over at YES Network decided it would be appropriate to move NYCFC’s season finale against the Philadelphia Union — an extremely important game in regards to the Eastern Conference’s playoff seeding — to the backup YES channel in favor of what is, in all honesty, an absolutely meaningless early-season contest between the aforementioned Nets and the Golden State Warriors.

“Most NYCFC thing ever” indeed.

Now, one might ask, “Why is this such a big deal?” I’ll tell you why: many cable providers don’t even carry YES2. Some of HRB’s own writers don’t have legal access to YES2, and instead have to resort to an app for game coverage. And this is an issue that will have to be navigated this weekend, in a game that will decide whether or not NYCFC will host their knockout-round playoff game, or be forced to travel for it.

The fans deserve better. The men and women that cover the Blues deserve better. Hell, even the team deserves better, despite their recent form.

I want something to be absolutely clear: I love this club. NYCFC is literally my favorite sports team in the world. But if my love weren’t so unconditional, I’d be hard pressed not to just throw in the towel. When one half of our ownership, if not both, has treated us as a mere afterthought, is it even worth it?

I’m just upset, so take my “hot takes” with a grain of salt. But still...