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Knee-Jerk Reactions: New York City vs. Philadelphia

Hudson River Blue’s reactions to NYCFC’s glorious 3-1 win over the Union

MLS: Philadelphia Union at New York City FC Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

“Knee-Jerk Reactions” is Hudson River Blue’s series of what we were thinking throughout the match. These were our unfiltered thoughts as they played out in real time — no editing, no revisions. Just raw, pure emotion.

Here were my reactions to New York City FC’s big 3-1 victory over the Philadelphia Union on Sunday:

First Half

1’: Let’s do it, boys

4’: Cloooose!

8’: This very much looks like the City we saw back in June


10’: YAAAAAASSSSSS! God, it feels good to see this right now

13’: Gotta be a better cross from Tinnerholm there, could’ve been an earl y 3-0 lead

14’: Oh no.

25’: Game has slowed a bit. Hope that City can regain that bite soon

27’: That’s better

34’: I can’t believe what i’m seeing. City is... doing good! :O

42’: SeanJohn with the save

45’+1: What a half. Keep it going, boys!

Second Half

50’: Good start. Hopefully, we have a fourth goal on the cards

61’: Great job by SeanJohn to make amends for that penalty

63’: No red cards, boys. Please?

68’: No! NOT AMAGAT!!!

75’: #JohnsonSaves

80’: What a sequence! Shame a goal didn’t come as a result

86’: Damn, Izzy. That was... something.

90’+3: THERE WE GO! C’mon, boys!