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Ben Sweat is tired of hearing about Yankee Stadium’s pitch

The burgeoning NYCFC and USMNT star lets loose on critics in a recent podcast

MLS: New York City FC at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve heard it a thousand times before. After every New York City FC home game — regardless of the result — the Twittersphere, as well as other social media outlets, are flooded with complaints regarding Yankee Stadium and its “unique” dimensions.

Without question, a lot of that banter is warranted. And trust me, I speak for virtually every fan when I say that we want NYCFC to build their own home just as badly as anyone else. But after a while, the topic regarding the Etihad Pitch becomes stale and annoying.

Among those annoyed — none other than NYCFC left back Ben Sweat.

In a recent podcast with Barstool Sports — which can be found here — Sweat didn’t mince words when asked if he was tired of the constant moaning from opponents and their fans.

“Yeah, for sure,” Sweat told Barstool Sam. “After every fucking game, if they lose or something happens, it always comes back to the stadium. It’s ridiculous, dude. And honestly, you just ignore it at the end of the day. It happens so often it’s just white noise for you.”

Sweat isn’t really known for having a huge social media presence and he for sure isn’t known to be most vocal player on the team. So to hear him go off on critics of Yankee Stadium is not only shocking, it’s refreshing.

Too often, we hear players, coaches, or whoever speak in measured tones when addressing criticism. And it’s nice to hear Sweat disregard those usual terms of engagement and let everyone know that he takes it personal when it comes to his team.

Then again, it’s been a pretty testy week as far as NYCFC is concerned.