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Player Ratings! New York City vs New England

New York luckily escape Gillette with a point as young Tajouri scores brace

MLS: New York City FC at New England Revolution Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Sean Johnson


Johnson had some key saves that kept New York in the match for 90+ minutes. Sure Johnson conceded two goals, but neither were really on him as much as they were on turnovers and poor passing.

Ben Sweat


Too many mistakes for me today. I’m not sure if it was the pressure, playing out of the back, or just ‘having a bad day’. Probably a combination of all three. To his credit, he did have one potentially goal saving tackle when City was caught out towards the end of the first half. Hence, the plus. Really missing Mattarita here.

Maxime Chanot


Still one of my favorite boys in blue. His grit and tenacity kept the New York back line together and was a major reason why New England failed to capitalize on their unrelenting pressure.

Alexander Callens


Excellent first half from Callens. The first half could have ended with Revolution seeing two or three goals, instead the half ended 1-0, keeping NY in the match. After New York found the equalizer, the Revolution were back in the hunt, pouring on the attack. Callens found himself on the wrong end of a cross towards Juan Agudelo, who emphatically heads it home putting the Revs up 2-1.

Saad Abdul-Salaam


Saad looked lost against the press, not really sure where to play once he received the ball, getting chewed up quite easily by the Revolution attack. However, the match would open up for New York in the second half, and that meant some relief for the young full back. It also meant a chance to showcase his attacking ability with some overlapping runs, as evident by his assist in Isi’s first goal. Abdul-Salaam put in a beautifully centered pass that served up a sitter for Tajouri. While positive, the assist only really goes to cover his defensive lapses as Saad was frequently burned by Panilla.

Ebenezer Ofori


Scrolling through various social media feeds, you’ll see a hundred different opinions on Ofori’s performance. Personally, I think the midfield was soft under pressure and nobody quite knew where to play the ball and just kept feeding backwards towards Johnson. Ofori also committed some pretty awful passing choices, yet, at times he put in a key tackle to halt the opposition. That’s why his performance seems so polarizing among fans. For me, Ofori and Herrera succumbed to the pressure and lost possession all too often. While Ofori did progress in the second half (really, the whole team did), it’s going to be a long four weeks without Alex Ring.

MLS: New York City FC at New England Revolution Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Yangel Herrera


Another interesting match from the young Herrera. The Venezuelan international was victim to the press from the Revs in the first half. Yet, much like almost everyone else in powder blue today, he got better as the match progressed in the second half.

Maxi Moralez


The only bright spot in our midfield today. From creating wonderful chances (see Berget below), to tracking back and pick pocketing forwards from behind, Maxi was once again impressive. The counter that lead to the equalizer all began from a wonderfully weighted pass to Medina, showcasing once again his clinical vision and ability to turn the match around in half a heart beat. To New England’s credit, they did find a way to quiet Moralez a bit late in the match as New York looked to their younger stars to get them back in it.

MLS: New York City FC at New England Revolution Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Jo Inge Berget


For someone who has dubbed himself, “The Viking”, Berget has been pretty weak in the air when used as a target man. The few times NYCFC tried to escape the press and pass downfield, Berget either couldn’t bring it down cleanly, or his first touch let him down. It wasn’t all bad however, he did make some excellent runs on goal. In the first half Maxi put a ball over the defenders that found a streaking Berget but he just didn’t have the skill to one touch the ball on goal. Instead, he brought it down to his favored foot, and eventually played it off to someone else. Good idea, poor execution.

The second half saw a slightly different Berget. His hold up play was better, using his body to shield defenders allowing the attacking lines to join up. The improvement in form paid off immediately as Berget won an aerial duel in the 74th minute that would eventually find the feet of Isi, who would put a way the brace.

I’ve seen a lot of comparisons today to Adam Nemec. Is it the height, the beard, their mutual status as a traffic cone? I’m not completely there yet as Berget is at least making some decent runs in the box, and well, he’s trying right? Which isn’t necessarily something that can really be said about Nemec.

Jesús Medina


With the Revolution press keeping NYCFC in their defensive third, there wasn’t much from Medina in the first half. However with the second half opening up a bit more, we saw more movement from Medina, and we were not disappointed. What impresses me the most about Jesus is his first touch. He already knows where he’s going with the ball a second after receiving it. Medina proved that point as he turned on Maxi’s pass, to set up the eventual goal from Tajouri (via Saad).

Ismael Tajouri


Another goal for the kid!

And then another...

You don’t need me to tell you how explosive Isi was today. Man of the match by far.