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Knee-Jerk Reactions: Sporting Kansas City vs. New York City FC

Hudson River Blue’s reactions to NYCFC’s season-opening 2-0 victory against Sporting KC.

MLS: New York City FC at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

‘Knee-Jerk Reactions’ is Hudson River Blue’s new series of what we were thinking throughout the match. We’ll share our unfiltered thoughts on the game at hand — no editing, no revisions. Just raw, pure emotion.

Here is what I thought of New York City FC’s season-opening win Sunday night against Sporting Kansas City:

1st Half

  • Maxi Moralez going up for a header. LOL!
  • Jesus Medina has a really good touch
  • Anton Tinnerholm isn’t afraid to push forward
  • I want to see Maxi take a YOLO shot for once
  • Tinnerholm showing that signature Swedish physicality
  • Somebody tell me why Rodney Wallace is still starting
  • Not enough shots in the first 15 minutes for my taste
  • Even David Villa’s throwaway shots look deadly
  • City is dominating — still no goals, though
  • I’m just waiting for this to be like the season opener against Orlando City last year
  • NYC need a spark, they’ve lost control for a bit
  • Maxime Chanot hasn’t missed a beat, he looks as good as ever
  • Medina gets his first yellow card
  • Got away with one there
  • Didn’t take long for Wallace to disappear entirely
  • Got away with ANOTHER one!
  • MAXI!!! Great ball from Villa, too. 1-0
  • Welcome back to the book, Alex Ring
  • Hard collision between Sean Johnson and Ike Opara, yikes
  • SeanJohn is a tough mudder, though
  • What the hell is Vermes angry about?
  • Villa might’ve had Medina in the middle
  • Yangel Herrera with the bad turnover. Lucky to still be up
  • Is that a bWo logo on one of those drums? SMARK ALERT!
  • I love Tinnerholm
  • That needs to be a goal. Villa missed a wide open Ben Sweat to his left

2nd Half

  • Great ball by Medina. Narrowly missed by Herrera
  • Imagine having Chanot for all of last year
  • Still think we should’ve bought Maxi down?
  • If City were facing a more offensive team, they’d be in trouble
  • MEDINA!!! 2-0
  • Opara almost made NYC pay there
  • If I had to take a shot for every time Chanot made a great play, I’d succumb to alcohol poisoning
  • City look way more relaxed since scoring that second goal
  • Maxi just made a defensive stop with his head. You won’t hear that too often
  • SKC has already burned through two of their three subs prior to the 65th minute. Some obvious personnel issues
  • Johnson has been a work horse in net tonight
  • Don’t Chanot he’s at it again? I’ll see myself out
  • Ismael Tajouri-Shradi in for Medina? Hmmm. Good game, kid
  • Villa almost made it 3-0 there
  • Alex Ring being Alex Ring. Always quality
  • Ring with another clutch challenge
  • City haven’t let off the gas. Still playing in the opposing half
  • Herrera with a big steal in the box
  • The defense has remained compact all game. Really good stuff
  • Yikes. Penalty called on Chanot
  • Referee Mark Geiger reverses the call after video review. No penalty
  • Haven’t seen much of Tajouri-Shradi. He seems fast, though
  • We get it, Meola. You don’t agree
  • Nice to see you, Mata!
  • And a DOGSO red card for Chanot. City down to 10 men
  • HUGE save by SeanJohn
  • Six minutes of stoppage time? Oh god
  • City in park-the-bus mode
  • Big stop by Sebastien Ibeagha off the bench
  • Defense still looks solid, even down a man
  • I see you, Ibeagha!
  • Graham Zusi is still Zusi I see
  • Big win to start the season!

Thank you for reading my rambling, mid-game thoughts. I’ll have my apologies at the ready.