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David Villa receives FIFA 18 in-form!

Ej Guaje returns to FIFA’s team of the week

MLS: Colorado Rapids at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Following his amazing performance in New York City FC’s 4-0 win over the Colorado Rapids this weekend, David Villa has been announced for FIFA 18’s latest Team of the Week squad.

Believe it or not, this marks the first time this season that El Guaje has been given a special card since FIFA 18 has come out.

As with all special cards, Villa’s in-form comes with many upgrades to his base card in the game. His overall pace has increased from 69 to 71, and both his dribbling and physical ratings have been given boosts of four and two points respectively. The 84-overall card has also been given a four point increase to his shooting, making any of Villa’s shots in-game practically unmissable.

While most FIFA Ultimate Team players look for pace when determining a player’s in-game effectiveness, one shouldn’t sleep on Villa’s new card. Despite not being the fastest of players — especially in this stage of the game where every dedicated player is practically guaranteed to at least one Team of the Season card — El Capitan is armed with insane dribbling and shooting abilities bolstered by having 4-star skill moves, as well as the always sought out 5-star weak foot. Not to mention that Villa is from Spain, allowing him to link up with a plethora of other phenomenal players.

Congrats to Villa for receiving his first special FIFA card this year. Here’s hoping he gets a TOTS by the end of the game cycle!